Planning a photo shoot can be exciting for some - and daunting for others. But with the right chemistry and attitude, great things can happen.
Below I’ve outlined a few things to consider leading up to our shoot - and what happens afterwards.


What I’m Offering You
A personal commitment to producing the best photographs I can to meet, if not exceed, your expectations.
The technical side of photography involves understanding the capabilities and limitations of the lens, the camera, and the lighting we have at our disposal. The artistic side of photography involves imagining the possibilities, then deciding on our options.

What I Ask of You
Cooperation: For this to work out, we’ll need to work together as a team to realize your goals.


What are these photos going to be used for; personal or professional-commercial use?

What are we focusing on; people, products, or place?

Where are we going to be; indoors or outdoors?
Indoor and outdoor shoots may require a permit depending on ownership of the space (public or private).
Photography studio spaces are available across Metro Manila and major urban centres across the Philippines.

If we’re doing a portrait shoot, have you figured out what to wear? Will you need hair and make-up?

Will we need furniture, fixtures, or props?

How much time are you allocating for the photo shoot - what time do we start and finish?

The Photo Shoot

Based on how the above-questions are answered, photography equipment, rental space, permits, and all relevant needs can be coordinated to suit.


After the shoot comes the real work - editing, colour corrections / grading, and alterations (if necessary).
How long it takes depends on how many photos you want.

If you don’t have a preferred image printer, I can arrange the printing, framing and/or bookbinding for you.
Beyond photo paper, photos can also be printed on to fabric, canvas, and metal.

If you’re ready or have more questions, please reach out to us.